Sunday Dreaming is a youth football organization based in Houston, Texas geared towards teaching the kids of our great community the game of football. Our goal as an organization is to keep kids active, keep them out of trouble, and teach them camaraderie, respect and morals. We offer these camps in hopes that we can teach this great sport that has meant so much to the owners of this organization. We want to give the children of our community a place that they can grow, make friends, be safe and have fun any time during the year.

Though most of the members of our camps range from 6 years of age on up to 18 years of age we’re there for everyone of any age and gender. We especially love to work with disabled or disadvantaged kids in making them apart of the team and give them a comfort that they might not always get.

To enrich the lives of our communities youth through football is our dream, to give them memories and fun that lasts forever is what we do.


A Letter From Head Coach


Although Sunday Dreaming youth football camps cater to the underprivileged children of our community all football players from age 6 and up are welcome to attend. Sunday Dreaming youth football camps are about teaching and coaching our youth about the great sport of football. It is teaches morals, ethics and values. Starting from the coaches to the parents and then to our children.

Learning the sport of football correctly brings forth adversity that our youth will surely face as they grow into adulthood. Such things as what’s right and wrong, faith, struggle, attitude, as well as learning how to win as well as to lose. Over coming what to do and how to act when you do overcome. While maintaining dignity when you are in those type of situations. These are the things that will be taught at our football camps.

Parents are a tremendous asset, is quitting an option? Never! Attitude is a single most important trait in live. If you do not have faith in God you will never be the success you were put on this earth to be. The youth that will attend this camp will struggle through heat, pain and hurt as well as whatever else might be going on in their own lives. They will be proud and learn how to become a excellent team member as well as an excellent member of the community. Facing life we hope they will take what they learn from our football camps and acclimate it through the trials and tribulations we face in live each day.

I am asked all the time what is single most thing I miss about playing football? While missing a lot, the most important thing wasn’t the fans nor the glory, the stadiums nor the notoriety. The single most thing I miss about playing football is the family we felt as being a part of a team that was real, more real then I can explain in words. When I was on the field with those 10 other players in the huddle looking in their eyes and knowing I can depend on them as well as they can depend on me. We had each others backs and that is a hard thing to find in life today much less in a sport. Even if it was just for 60 minutes we had the same goal in mind and that was to win. In that moment winning was everything.

The good Lord has blessed me with a wonderful mother and father and I am grateful for the family I have. I believe the greatest gift the Lord ever gave me was the ability to play football and to be coached by coaches who taught me to appreciate what this sport really has to offer.

As I have grown older I have come to realize God has a plan for everyone and while you cant live in the past what we can do is bring the past with us to make a better future for tomorrow. Remember when life knocks you down. Look up, get up and never give up!