Dear Sponsors,
We at Sunday Dreaming want to thank all of the sponsors and the leaders that work for them for their unbelievable care of what happens to the community and the children that reside in it. Many businesses were asked, but only you as sponsors took the time and effort to show the true heart and leadership that is needed to make a better future for tomorrow and to have the faith that, little by little, we can all make a difference in this world. The children as well as every member of Sunday Dreaming are truly thankfulthat people and organizations like yourselves truly exist. Please feel free to come out and enjoy the camps and the children that you gave the opprotunity to make these camps happen. We could not have done it without all of you... Remember when things look down and you need help, look up, get up and most importantly never give up. With Much love,

-Coach Gary M. Demilo and The Sunday Dreaming Youth Football Camps.

Krymson Productions

Krymson Productions has spent and is spending many hours developing the Sunday Dreaming website and maintaining the site to the […]

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NBD Graphics

NBD Graphics has given us free banners and signs as well as setting us up with a booth at Kick […]

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U-Haul is providing the camp with a trailer to transport all if the camp’s equipment and gear every weekend.

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HPK Automotive

HPK Automotive is building the benches, painting the benches and applying logos to the benches for Sunday Dreaming.

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