Head Coach Gary Demilo


I am 46 years old and a retired football coach of 21 years for all levels from youth football to professional football. I have played football and or coached football for the past 41 years of my life. I can proudly say that there is nothing else I would rather have done with my life than to play or coach the sport of football to our youths of today. They say God has a plan for everyone when its all said and done I believe he put me here on earth to coach and help our youth learn and celebrate life through the sport of football.

I was born in Denver Colorado and raised by my mother and grand parents. We lived in a very poor, crime riddled, neighborhood and there wasn’t much to do except get in trouble or play sports. Most the kids in my neighborhood picked trouble, for me my grandmother was very strict making trouble simply not a choice for me. My grand parents did not have the means for me to play football nor the transportation to get me there. My grandfather was a retired war veteran and had a war buddy that happened to be a youth football head coach. As a favor to my grandfather, his friend Coach Mike picked me up and took me home for every practice, every game, every season from age 5 to age 12. Although my grandfather told me more stories about football than I can ever remember Coach Mike was my football role model. I would do anything I could for this man on a football field because I knew he would do anything he could for me. My grandfather was the biggest and most knowledgable football fan I knew. Because he became disabled from serving his country, he knew if I had a chance to make it in life through football I was going to need someone like Coach Mike in my life. As I look in the past I realize why I love to coach youth football and as I look in the future I realize why I will never quit doing so, in my heart I know I am helping these kids become better people, better leaders, better fathers and better members of society. If you ask yourself how youth football can do all of that. Besides me being living proof. I know because for the past 18yrs my players have come back or caught up with me and told me first hand that learning the game of football and having faith in God has made them a better man then they could have ever been without.